Before discussing what content marketing is, let’s first discuss what you think content is? Only an article, speech, or writing? No, it’s not the only thing that can describe the content, it’s far beyond that. Not only text but anything like video, image which gives some type of information or entertains you is content.

And, content marketing is the form of creating and distributing valuable content to a clearly defined audience and, to drive profitable customer action.


What to contemplate while choosing for content-type:

Considering the type of content is important as it will help you to connect and focus with the potential customer:

  • Think about your audience: Content is created to educate, entertain, and convince customers. While creating content we should keep in mind what our audience wants, who is our targeted audience and which type of content to create for them.
  1. To keep search engines in mind: While thinking about your targeted audience, the search engine is another important factor to keep in mind while creating content.


 Purpose of Content:

The aim of Content Marketing is to build a relationship with your existing customers and stakeholders. The purpose is to provide Content for our audience which is accurate for us as a buyer.

So there are 4 purposes of Content Marketing:


  • Educate: Here it’s not the place to sell your brand, but a place to share information that will assist your audience. This will help your audience to solve the challenges they might be struggling with. They’re starting to move from an emotional connection with your content to a rational one

Type of content that falls into this category:

  • Infographics
  • Whitepapers
  • eBooks
  • Guides
  • Reports
  • Trend reports
  • Article


2.Entertain: Entertaining content creates an emotional reach in people which urges them to make a change. Emotional content is likely to create a deeper relationship with your audience.

Great formats for entertaining your audience:

  • Videos
  • Quiz
  • Games
  • eBooks
  • Competitions
  • Viral Campaigns


3.Inspire: Inspiring content reaches your audience on an equally emotional level. Inspiring people to do better, to be successful should be a part of this content. The aim is to push your audience towards the purchasing decision while inspiring them on an emotional level.

Content that aims at pushing your audience towards purchasing decision While inspiring them on an emotional level:

  • To do so you can invest in celebrity endorsements
  • Forums are the best ways to connect with people. People often go to forums in search of answers and if you can answer their question in a professional and useful manner, they will remember you.
  • Sharing positive reviews can also be a way to interact more with your visitors.
  • Events are also a great way to inspire people and encourage them to engage with your brand.


  1. Convince: Now it’s time to convert your audience into consumers. As opposed to inspiring content, this category convinces through facts and figures and addresses the rational interest of your buyer’s persona. Content needs to be persuasive and convincing.

One of the most effective ways to persuade a customer’s decision is by providi

  • Calculations
  • Checklists
  • Interactive demos
  • Product features
  • Whitepapers


In conclusion,  Content is needed in Content Marketing to build trust among customers.Hence,It should never be forgotten that content marketing is not about selling but building a relationship with your audience. The more your audience trusts you the more chances to build a successful business.

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